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Deep dive into Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is one of the most popular AWS services. It provides cloud-based businesses with scalability, high performance, and data security. Amazon S3 allows you to store massive amounts of data and access it from anywhere, at any time. It is similar to Google Drive and is most likely the finest AWS storage choice. It is mostly used for- It […]

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Amazon Redshift- A cloud data warehouse solution

Amazon Redshift is a fully-managed petabyte-scale cloud-based data warehouse platform built for large-scale data storage and processing. It is also used to do large-scale database migrations. In order to provide users with real-time access to data, Redshift’s column-oriented database is built to connect to SQL-based clients and business intelligence applications.Amazon Redshift is most famous for […]

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Deep dive into the world of Amazon Web Services

While there are several cloud computing platforms available, they all offer different computation, content delivery, storage, and security features. AWS is a collection of cloud computing infrastructures that provides innovative products and services. Despite the severe competition, it has dominated the global market. It offers limitless business solutions in the fields of servers, networking, and […]

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Detect security threats in real-time with  AWS Cloudtrail

AWS Cloudtrail allows you to monitor, search for, download, archive, analyze, and respond to account activity throughout your AWS infrastructure. You may discover who or what took what action, what resources were consumed when the event occurred, and other information by analyzing and reacting to activity in your AWS account. The primary use of AWS CloudTrail is to monitor […]

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AWS IoT- The Best Platform for Building, Managing, and analyzing the Internet of Things

AWS IoT is a cloud platform that allows you to connect devices across the AWS services cloud. AWS IoT provides the interface that enables devices to connect securely and reliably with AWS touchpoints in both directions, even when the devices are offline. AWS IoT is quickly becoming the most popular technology because it enables a secure […]

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Powerful alone, better together

The Microsoft Power Platform gives you the tools you need to work together to develop solutions that speed up business. The platform links strong tools for data analysis, process automation, virtual agent creation, and more. Learn how your team may utilize this robust platform to create end-to-end business solutions here. With Microsoft Power Platform, you […]

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Learn everything about Amazon Cloudfront

Amazon CloudFront is a fast, secure, and programmable Content Delivery Network (CDN) that may be used to quickly provide static and dynamic content, videos, apps, and APIs to clients across several locations.   It can serve on-demand live-streaming videos, encrypt some fields during system processing, and speed up the transmission of static website information, among other […]

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An introduction to AWS CloudShell Service

AWS CloudShell assists you in managing, securing, investigating, and engaging with your AWS resources. The Common Development and Operations tools are pre-installed and pre-authenticated. In other words, no local installation or configuration is required.  This browser-based shell service makes it simple to manage, interact with, and explore AWS resources by utilizing the pre-installed common tools […]

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Intelligent Performance Optimization with Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Performance is vital for every organization, but it’s crucial for applications since downtime may result in significant loss of users and profits. For this reason, you require robust technology to maintain your software. Azure AI is useful. No matter your database size, structure, or workload, automated performance monitoring, and tweaking are accessible across service tiers […]

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